810 Tru-Grid™

Pellon® 810 Tru-Grid™ has an accurate 1” graph that allows you to create, duplicate, alter, and enlarge craft designs. It cuts, sews, and gathers like real fabric. Tru-Grid™ stays “true” to the straight of grain, is strong yet sheer, can be basted, and can even be tried on.

  • Non-Woven
  • White
  • 70% Polyester / 30% Viscose
  • 45″ width
  • Best used for pattern creation, duplication and alteration
  • Cuts, sews, and gathers like real fabric
  • 1″ graph
  • Sewing machine safe

Good to Know:

  1. Place Tru-Grid™ over your pattern for easy tracing. Tru-Grid™ patterns are thinner and easier to store than most purchased patterns.
  2. It’s sturdy enough to write notes along the sides of patterns.
  3. It “clings” to the fabric when you lay it out, so few pins are needed.
  4. Because it is fabric, you can pin a mock-up of the garment for testing (which would be awkward with a paper pattern)
  5. Tru-Grid™ is wider than most tracing papers, much easier to handle, and doesn’t rip easily.
  6. It will last longer than any tissue pattern, so if you have a favorite pattern that is falling apart, or one you think you will use a lot, this is a more durable method.

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