Pellon® Soy Blend with Scrim Batting

Pellon® Soy Blend Batting w/scrim is made with 50% Soy / 50% Cotton. The Soy protein is a new ‘green’ textile fiber that is super smooth. Soy is good to your skin, good to the earth and oh-so-soft & smooth in a quilt batting. The combination of Soy & Cotton is softer than anything on the market today. Soy Blend is thin and very easy to needle by hand. Soy breathes naturally and absorbs moisture. A batting made of soy protein fiber has outstanding anti-crease, easy wash, and fast dry properties. Expect a shrinkage of 0-3%. The scrim binder allows for a stitching distance of 8-10” apart.

  • Natural
  • 50% Soy/50% Cotton
  • By-the-yard width of 90”
  • 1/16″ loft
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Washable by machine or by hand
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