808 Craft-Fuse™

Craft-Fuse™ is a fast and easy-to-use non-woven, iron-on fabric backing that adds strength and body. It is excellent for home décor projects, apparel accessories and children’s toys. For areas that require extra rigidity, use 2 layers. It is completely sewing machine safe and won’t gum up your needle.

  • Made with Acid Free 90% Polyester/10% Rayon
  • Machine wash warm, Tumble dry low or dry clean.
  • White, 20″ by-the-yard width OR packaged with a convenient put-up of 15″ x 4 yards.

Directions: (Always pre-test product and pre-wash fabrics.)
Step 1: Place shiny adhesive side of Craft Fuse™ against wrong side of fabric.
Step 2: Cover with a damp press cloth. Using a hot, dry iron, apply slight pressure with a gliding action to fuse.

Tip: For large areas, start ironing in the middle of the piece and work out toward the edges.

Project ideas: Fabric flowers, ornaments, soft books, advent calendars, toys, wall hangings, closet organizers, bed caddies, kitchen accessories, placemats, table runners and coasters.

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