EZ-Steam® II Tape

Pellon® EZ-Steam® II Tape is an innovative fusible adhesive that is extremely versatile in its ability to bond many different fibers and materials without sewing. It has a pressure sensitive adhesive on each side to temporarily hold both material in place while you reposition to desired final placement before fusing. These tapes are perfect for binding, seams & hems, trims & ribbons and mixed media arts.

  • Available in Regular & Lite weights
  • White
  • 100% Polyamide 
  • Packaged Size: 1/2″ x 20yds
  • Packaged Size: 1/4″ x 40yds 
  • Two-sided pressure sensitive fusible web tape
  • Sewing machine safe
  • Machine wash warm, delicate cycle, dry low or dry clean. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Also Available: EZ-Steam®, EZ-Steam® II, Lite EZ-Steam® II


Follow along with Vanessa Vargas Wilson of Crafty Gemini as she demonstrates how to use EZ-Steam® II and shares some great projects ideas. Love Vanessa’s style? Check out her blog and her YouTube channel.



General Directions:

  • Cut desired length of EZ-Steam® II Tape. Finger press sticky side to one side of the seam or edge of fabric. Peel off second side of the paper liner.
  • Finger press the second sticky side of the EZ-Steam® II to the second piece of fabric or fold fabric over the seam or over its edges.
  • Press with a hot iron on a Cotton setting with steam for 10-20 seconds (longer with press cloth). If using a lower heat setting, fusing may require additional time.

For best results:
Steam or pre-wash fabrics before beginning the project to eliminate issues with shrinkage or added fabric coatings. Be sure to always check that your iron temperature coincides with the type of fabric you are using. Sewing is not necessary to make the fuse permanent, but if preferred, EZ-Steam® II will not ruin your needle.

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