333 Ultra Weave™

Pellon® 333Ultra-Weave™ is a fusible embroidery stabilizer that eliminates the movement and shifting of fabric when being hooped or embroidered. It is excellent for use with designs on lightweight fabrics and ideal for linings in garment construction. It will also protect the skin from coarse embroidery on the back side of garments.

  • White
  • 100% Polyester
  • Fusible embroidery stabilizer and apparel interfacing
  • Eliminates the movement and shifting of fabric when being hooped or embroidered
  • Sewing machine safe
  • Fabrics backed with Ultra-Weave™ can be machine washed (warm) and dried (medium setting) or dry cleaned.


General Directions:

1. Cut Ultra Weave™ Stabilizer slightly larger than the embroidery design.
2. Place coarse fusible side over the back of the design area or embroidery. (Ultra Weave™ can also be used as a smooth backing to embroidery designs to eliminate or over the back of previously completed embroidery.
3. Using an iron with a damp press cloth, set the appropriate fabric setting (wool setting on most irons), and press for 10-15 seconds until fused.
4. Press from the other side to remove excess moisture.

TIP: Always be sure to check fiber content of item to be sure it can withstand the heat setting required for application.