Pellon® Sticky-Grid-N-Wash™ is a unique product that combines a pressure sensitive adhesive with a water-soluble stabilizer. It is an embroidery stabilizer that has grid lines per inch for stitch support. The grid lines make it perfect for all embroidery projects including stamped and counted cross-stitch designs.

  • 542G14 has 14 grid lines per inch for stitch support, making it ideal for counted cross stitch.
  • 542G1 has 1″ grid lines for stitch support, making it ideal for stamped cross stitch.
  • White
  • 100% PVA
  • Packaged size:  11″ x 2yds
  • 1” grid lines 
  • Sewing machine safe
  • Machine wash warm or cool on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or dry clean.


General Directions:

1. Cut a piece of Sticky-Grid-N-Wash™ slightly larger than the area to be stitched.
2. Hoop the Sticky-Grid-N-Wash™ with the paper side up. Using a pin or craft knife, carefully score the paper and peel away from the stabilizer.
3. Lightly finger press fabric over the hoop keeping the grain line straight. Use the grid lines as a guide.
4. Embroider your design.
5. After design is complete, carefully cut away excess stabilizer.
6. To wash away any remaining stabilizer, try using a spray bottle or submerge project in water to dissolve.