W – Wool High Loft Blend Batting

Pellon® Wool High Loft Blend Batting is made from super soft wool. It is thermal bonded to prevent bearding and will shrink 0-3%. Wool breathes naturally and allows air to pass through, making an excellent summer quilt. It also has qualities that provide warmth in the winter. Wool batting is lightweight, making it excellent for use in garments. Machine quilters who desire very closely stitched areas use wool for its softness and warmth. When using a finer thread, it remains soft and does not result in a stiff quilt.

  • 50% Wool/50% Polyester
  • Ideal for hand and machine quilting.
  • Loft: 1/4″
  • Shrinkage: 0-3%
  • Stitch Distance: 4″
  • Hand washing / soaking in cold water is recommended. Avoid agitation. Use a gentle detergent recommended for quilts and wool. Lay flat to air dry.
  • Please note: do not wash batting until covered in fabric / completed project.