888P Wonder-Under Stretch™

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888P Wonder-Under Stretch™ is an ultra-lightweight, paper-backed fusible web with a unique flexible nature that makes it perfect for use with stretch, woven and jersey fabrics.  There is no added bulk and fabric will retain a soft hand and drape after fusing.  Use it for appliqué on apparel, home décor and accessory projects, or try it in fiber art, yarn embellishment and more!  Wonder-Under Stretch™ creates a permanent bond and is completely sewing machine safe.
Tip for paper backed products: Start by peeling from corner or score the backing at narrow point from one side to the other of the appliqué.  Bend at this point to start the release process.

Additional uses for 888P:

  • Hem tape for stretchy fabric such as evening gowns, yoga gear, and active wear. Just cut ½ inch strip and place in the hem fold, fuse it, then let it cool and stitch your hem. The seam will be lightweight and move with the fabric. No bulk added. This will work for any lightweight fabric needing soft hand and drape. It also eliminates puckering.
  • Very sheer stretchy fabrics you’d like to make thicker to use in, for example a bustier of an evening gown, yoga gear or any active wear. This will make the fabric less see-through and give extra support.
  • Great for lingerie

Acid-Free 100% Polyurethane