731 Fuse-N-Shape™ Heavyweight

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Pellon® 731 Fuse-N-Shape™ has a heavy firmness and is resistant to distortion. It is fusible on both sides of the material making it ideal for fabric bowls, picture frames, hats, placemats and window treatment accents. Great for use in fabric bowls and boxes, as well as creating bags, hats, headbands, wallets, placemats, window décor, and lamp shades.

NOTE: Fuse-N-Shape™ is fusible on both sides of the material. Do not place iron directly on Fuse-N-Shape™ material. Make sure to use a protective layer between ironing board and Fuse-N-Shape™ such as a non-stick pressing cloth or parchment paper.

General Instructions:

1. Cut a section of the Fuse-N-Shape™ so that it is slightly bigger than your framework design.

2. Cut two sections of the design fabric that are bigger than the section of the Fuse-N-Shape™ (one for both sides of the Fuse-N-Shape™).

3. Stack the material to build a Fuse-N-Shape™ “sandwich”: a. Place the first section of the fabric right side down on the ironing board. b. Center the Fuse-N-Shape™ on top of the bottom piece of design fabric. c. Place the remaining piece of design fabric right side up on top of the Fuse-N-Shape.™

4. Fuse the fabric to Fuse-N-Shape™ using an iron set at the maximum dry level. Press the iron down firmly and using a crosswise motion, apply at least 5 seconds of continuous heat to all areas of the fabric. Allow material to cool off.

5. Flip over fused fabric and repeat step 4.

6. Trace a design on one side of the fabric and then cut it out.

7. To permanently set design, press fabric with a hot iron on both sides and steam.

TIP: Paper can be fused to Fuse-N-Shape™ by means of a pressing fabric between the iron and the paper to prevent burning. Do not use steam when fusing paper and Fuse-N-Shape.™

Machine wash finished project with cold water on gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. Fiber Content: 100% Polyester