2301 Print-Stitch-Dissolve™

Pellon® 2301 Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ is perfect for projects including paper piecing, appliqué, quilting, and embroidery. Get creative with printed designs, or draw your own directly onto Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ using a pencil or permanent marker! It can also be used as a stabilizer, either as a backing of a topper, for various projects. Print-Stitch Dissolve™ easily tears away or will dissolve when submerged in water.

  • White
  • Acid-Free 100% Cellulose Mixture Paper Wooden Pulp
  • Sheets are the same on both sides, so it does not matter which side faces design/backing.
  • Packaged size: Twelve 8.5″ x 11″ sheets
  • Ideal for: Quilt Patterns, Foundation Piecing, Hand Work, Needlepunch, Shadow Work, Heirlom Work, Counted Cross Stitch, Quilting Templates, Thread Sketching, Edge Work, 3-D Appliqué, Cut Work, Charted Needlework and Ink Jet Printing.
  • Sewing machine safe


General Directions:

1. To Create Multiple Applied Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ Design Copies:
— Position the design facing down in the copy machine.
— Replace the regular copy machine paper with the Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ paper and follow the copy machine instructions to make multiple copies.
* Tip: For tracing or drawing designs by hand, apply pencil, pen, or permanent marker directly on to Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ paper. Use a temporary spray adhesive to join the sheets together for later quilting patterns.

2. To Print Designs Directly From Computer:
— Replace the regular printer paper with Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ paper.
— Select the chosen design from your computer and follow the normal printing instructions. The design will print directly onto the Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ paper.
— For delicate of light colored fabrics, use a light or draft setting to avoid having heavy, dark lines show through the fabric.

3. To Use As A Stabilizer:
— Place Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ paper underneath the fabric or project area to be stitched. Secure in place with a temporary adhesive or with pins.

4. To Remove Easily:
— Carefully cut or tear away the excess Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ paper from project.
— Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ liquefies and disappears completely when submerged in water. Submerge project in water until Print-Stitch-Dissolve™ vanishes and rinse thoroughly. Air dry on a towel.