Kaye Wood

Kaye Wood is one of the most noted quilt designers in the country. She considers herself a designer, not of quilt patterns, but of techniques that simplify machine piecing and insure accuracy. In 1979, after teaching sewing and machine embroidery for many years, she began experimenting with quilting patterns and designs. She found that she could come up with shortcuts that simplified the piecing of quilts using the Starmaker® Master Templates she designed. Since then she has authored over 20 books on quilting and has designed 9 quilting tools.

As she discovered new timesaving ways of quilting by machine, she kept notes. Those notes, along with notes from the classes in which she taught her techniques, became the basis for a series of how-to segments on the “Northern Michigan Morning” show on a local TV station in 1980. She also appeared on several national sewing programs. This success led Kaye to start producing instructional videos and in 1988, she began producing her own Strip Quilting 13-week series for Public Television.

In 1991 Quilting for the ’90s began. It featured the leading names in quilt design with new techniques guaranteed to entice every sewer. Kaye played host to several talented authors and designers, showcasing their projects. In March of 1996, Kaye combined her two programs, Strip Quilting and Quilting For The ’90s, into Kaye’s Quilting Friends. The program included Kaye’s tips and techniques in Strip Quilting along with guest speakers from all over the country demonstrating their specialties.

In January 2007, Kaye Wood launched the KayeWoodTV.com website. This is a website featuring many episodes of Kaye’s Quilting Friends. Each episode has Kaye or a guest showcasing their talents, ideas, tips and techniques. Viewers just log on, pick an episode, click and watch!

In addition to her educational television career, Kaye teaches her Strip Quilting seminars throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Visit Kaye Wood and her creations at http://www.kayewood.com

Watch Kaye Wood at http://www.kayewoodtv.com

**bio taken from Clover USA