D- Dark Blend 70/30 Cotton/Polyester Batting (With Scrim, Needle Punched)

Now back by popular demand!

  • D – Dark Blend Batting is specially designed for dark colored quilts, home décor and apparel
  • D – Dark Blend Batting is reinforced with a scrim that prevents stretching while quilting
  • Use with machine or hand quilting
  • Weight: 4.0 oz./square yard
  • 70% Cotton / 30% Polyester
  • Machine or hand quilt up to 10” apart
  • Cotton and Cotton Blend battings can shrink up to 3-5%.   To avoid shrinkage prior to use, we suggest you soak the batting in hot water for 20 minutes.  DO NOT AGITATE WHEN WET.  Gently wring out water and dry in dryer on low setting or lay flat to dry.  After your quilt is complete, you can machine wash cold on a gentle cycle and dry in dryer on low setting for best results.
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