Lisa Maki

The intimidation of quilting  and the time frame of making one kept me at bay as far as coming into the quilting community. I am a person that finishes a project and then gives it as a gift. When an employee at a quilt store showed me a technique that used a Pellon® fusible grid I was immediately impressed with the instant gratification it gave me in constructing my first quilt. When I asked to purchase a pattern with instructions she said that there wasn’t one… no one would write something that simple. I quit my 30 year career job and pursued my passion of writing quilt patterns using a technique that can make the non-quilter a believer and the traditional quilt excited to see a quality pieced quilt completed in a fraction of time. What matters most is the pride and accomplishment of finishing a project and feeling a passion while you are doing it.

Little did I know that my passion for writing, teaching and traveling to share with others was so strong that it changed my life.

I stepped up from being a non-quilter to making 40 quilts a year and publishing 13 patterns in the last 5 years.

Pellon® Consumer Products gave me the first distributorship to an individual ever in their company. They also package Quilter’s Grid On Point™ #821 with my own label, Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs, on the end of the bolt. 

There isn’t a word in our vocabulary that can bring more heartfelt feelings than the word “Quilt”. We all wish we had one, love the one that we have and yearn to make one. The pride and passion that I felt after finishing my first quilt is still in my heart. I wanted to bring that feeling to others and show them that they too could share in this accomplishment and pride of making a handmade quilt from the heart.

My company will continue to write patterns that will make the non-quilter a believer in themselves and give the traditional quilter a beautiful quilt that is finished in a fraction of the time of a pieced quilt.

The Pellon® label has been around as long as I have, and working with such a well-known company gives me a great deal of gratification knowing that they support me in all my efforts while I design with their products.

We all have a list of projects that we wonder if they will ever get finished and I can lend a small hand in some of those heartfelt gifts that are waiting for you.

-Lisa Maki 

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