Jill Dorsey

mox·ie (mŏk’sē) n.Slang
1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
2. Force of character, determination, or nerve.
3. Skill; know-how.

I’m an arts & crafty woman; a maker. A Jill of All Trades. Bright colors and bold patterns make my heart sing. My fabric collection is out of control and ever growing. I dream of my own brick and mortar store. I love to cook and want an all year round farmer’s market. I miss living at the beach. I collect skull & crossbones and am a big nerd at heart. I juggle five times more things than my two hands can manage. I have the goal to be superwoman, know it is unrealistic, and still keep at it every day.

I live in Maryland with my husband, Danny, and our children, Jane and Jimmy,who are, hands down, the cutest, most amazing things I have ever seen. They are full of awesome.

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