381 Fusible Soft-N-Stay®

Pellon® Soft-N-Stay™ adds permanent body and support during stitching on lightweight knits and woven fabrics. It offers stretch resistance that eliminates pulling of the embroidery design. Soft-N-Stay™ is soft to the touch and provides permanent stability by remaining with the fabric through wearing and laundering.

Please Note: Soft-N-Stay™ is a 100% nylon material and will not tolerate a hot iron. Use a press cloth and low temperature iron or press on the fabric side only.

General Directions:

1. Secure Soft-N-Stay™ underneath fabric area to be stitched using a hoop, pins or basting stitch.

2. Stitch desired area and design.

3. Upon completion of stitching, remove the hoop and cut away extra stabilizer up to the exterior edge of the stitching.