on Legacy™ Natural Blend 80/20 Batting:
As a professional machine quilter, I recently had the opportunity to use this batting. I was extremely impressed with its quality and the appearance of the quilt after it was quilted. It was like quilting through silk and I would highly recommend it to everyone! — Anonymous
I enjoyed quilting with this batting. the needle sewed very smoothly without sticking and pulling to get it through the layers of the quilt. — Anonymous

on Legacy™ Bamboo Batting: This is one of the softest battings I have used. Comments about a king size quilt I made with bamboo batting were that is draped beautifully and it wasn’t heavy. — Anonymous

on Legacy™ Wool Batting: The quilt that I made using Legacy™ 100% Wool Batting has a great feel. It fits to your contours if you use as a throw. Some quilts are stiff until washed many times; not this one. I’ll definitely use it again. — Anonymous

on Legacy™ Battings: I make several hundred t-shirt quilts each year and use Legacy™ batting in each quilt. The quilts turn out soft and have a very nice drape. H.D. has done a great job of listening to professional quilters to produce a product we love. — Betty from T-Shirt Quilts of Texas


on 950F Shir-Tailor®: Best fusible I have ever used! — Carol from Carol’s Corner

on 988 Sew-In Fleece: I’ve been using Pellon® 988 for 20 years in my placemats. It is excellent. It doesn’t come apart and stay nice & flat in the placemat. — Anonymous

on 360 E-Z Stitch®: I use this item all the time and really love it. It is easy to remove and leaves the embroidery item or project very soft, not stiff like other items. I hope this item always stays on the market and Pellon® continues to handle it. Great item!  — JJ Mittler

on 821 Quilter’s Grid On Point™: I’ve used this stuff in a kit I bought and loved it! It was fun to use and made a beautiful table topper. — pvscobey

on 725 Heavy-Duty Wonder-Under®: Used this for the first time to make monogrammed pillows. The fabric frayed easy until I ironed Wonder-Under® on!! It made my project so much easier to work with. Can’t wait to try it on other projects! — Anonymous

on 809 Décor-Bond®: Thanks for the sample of the Décor-bond® I received at a recent taping of The Quilt Show. It is one of my favorite products, so I buy it by the bolt. I will share this sample with a friend. Thanks! — Anonymous

on 987F Fusible Fleece:
I was looking for the perfect cushion and Fusible Fleece for my laminate table cloth and this worked fabulously! Easy to apply, and it gave my tablecloth enough cushion but not too much that a wine glass would not be stable. Thanks Pellon® for such a range of products. — Madame Samm, www.sewwequilt.com
I use this for table runners, purses, totes, and all kinds of accessories. It is wonderful for ‘quilt as you go’ proejcts, and it stays soft and flat even after pressing. thank you for a wonderful product! — Anonymous

on 926 Extra-Firm Stabilizer:
I was out of stabilizer for my embroidery machine and needed it to embroider a design on a t-shirt. Found this stabilizer at my local store and just love it! The design was perfect and stayed perfect after washing. — Anonymous
I absolutely LOVE this stabilizer. It is thick and stable enough to give shape and form to bags and more and yet flexible enough as well, washable and easy to work with. — plzmommy

on 841R Stick-N-Tear™: this is the first time I used this product. It tears away very easily even on towels. Glad my usual product was out of stock! — Anonymous

on 542 Stick-N-Washaway™: I received a sample of this product recently and I really like it! The tape washes away with little effort and leaves the fabrics soft. This is one item I will be purchasing as soon as my sample runs out! — Anonymous

on EK-150 Easy-Knit™ Tape: I have used the knitted fusible tape to connect batting. It is wonderful. It is easy to quilt through and afterwards, you cannot tell where you pieced the batting. — Anonymous


on Perfect Loft™: Perfect Loft™ is perfect! Best ‘stuffing’ I’ve ever used. Doesn’t lump or clump, even if you overstuff. — Anonymous


on Modern Girl Clutch: This was a fast-paced, easy to follow tutorial. Good Job! — Lalena

on Providence Quilt: Beautiful. Just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you. — Anonymous

on The Panty Pack:
Very cute idea!! Love the pattern!! — Anonymous
Love this project! So easy to follow the instructions. Unique idea! Thanks for the embroidery design! — Mitzy

on Trick-or-Treat Quilt-A-Long: Love this quilt! Thanks so much for the setting instructions! I loved this project and I hope you have more planned for the future. Thank you very much, Pellon®! — Sandy Smith

on Plenty of Pockets Duffel Bag:
This is just darling and the instructions are very good. Thank you so much! — Bev in Ohio
This bag is both practical and super cute. Love the hedgehog fabric. Thanks for this pattern! — Anonymous

on Makeup Brush Roll: Love it! This project is sew cute! Also makes for a great gift idea for all your lady friends!! — firechick

on the S2 Bag: I am new to making purses, but made this purse the other night, and it couldn’t have been easier. — Becky Anderson

on Stylish Storage Boxes: This pattern is a great way to make storage both easy and pretty. I was to make several of these for my own home! — Anonymous

on Mod Kitchen Set: This set is fun, fashionable, and functional! Great pattern! — Anonymous

on Urban Jungle Bag: I can’t wait to finish making this bag! The finished design is just beautiful and the pictures throughout the pattern are very helpful. They make the directions clear and easy to follow. I am recommending this pattern to my friends. Sara has a real talent! Thank you so much for creating this pattern! — Destiny Turner

on Embroidery-To-Go Bag: This is an excellent tutorial! The steps are all easy to follow and I really enjoyed sewing the beautiful embroidery. It was the first time using Pellon® products in a project and it was really simple. The bag has a nice structure and fits in everything I need to make my embroidery projects! — Lucy, Charm About You

on Lutradur Bookmark: I think this is the perfect art project for kids starting back to school. You can make one for each class and let the kids show you their favorite subject through their art. Great idea! — Anonymous

on Artist Trading Card: ATC cards are all the rage among artists from all walks of life. Trading creative thoughts and ideas with those around the world has become as popular as trading baseball cards. .The idea of using cotton batting and Wonder-Web® in a base is genius. The colors are vibrant as well as famously textured. This multi-dimensional card is amazing. Kudos to Ms. Wygle! — Anonymous

on A Perfect Reunion:
Exciting project. Love the design! — bgquilts
Thanks Darlene and Pellon® for offering a great project for free! I love applique and birds so this is the bomb! Can’t wait to get started. — Zan

on Caliti Convertible Clutch: Love this clutch! — Anonymous

on Tasty Tote Lunch Set:
I love the coffee holder. That is brilliant! I am so going to make this bag. — Anonymous
Love this project. I will be making these in lots of different fabrics as practical and fun gifts to friends and family. — Anonymous

on T-Shirt Quilt:
Making a t-shirt quilt with Pellon® is the easiest thing to do, and it keep s your favorite times and people near! Use a flat sheet for the backing, and the cost is minimal with maximum payback. — Anonymous
What a great idea! I have lots of ‘concert t-shirts’ from my college years. Now I can put them on display instead of being tucked away in a drawer! — LFreema
I have the most beautiful memory quilts. I had never heard of using old baby clothes, children’s photos of favorite t-shirts to make a quilt. Nancy puts them together as a piece of art to be cherished by the whole family not only now but for generations to come. Thank you Nancy for your creative gifts! — Anonymous

on Pumpkin Crazy Quilt Mug Rug: Thank you for the adorable pattern! A great Fall idea! — Mary Winegar

on The Tag-Along Tea Cozy: I made this cozy and love it! Will make a few more for Chrirstmas presents. — guidandwerner

on Spiral Notebook: Thank you for this pattern, it will make wonderful thank you gifts for friends! — wbstarn

on Cup-O-Tea: My neighbor and I got togehter one afternoon and made this project then had a real cup of tea;). It was really easy to follow the directions! Mine went to my sister with some quilt notions in it for her birthday and I’m going to make a few more for gifts. Thanks for this project! — Anonymous

on Vintage Reversible Apron: Thank you so much for this wonderful weekend project. As I am a single dad, I am always looking for creative things to do with my girls! — Anonymous