XE-45 Xtreme Elastic® Fusible Stretch Interfacing

XE-45 is a moderate weight multi-directional elasticized non-woven fusible for light to medium weight knits and stretch wovens including rayons, silks, linen, wools and cottons. It provides support and stretch in all directions, with softer and more supple results while maintaining body and shape. It offers comfort and support across stress points making it ideal for waistbands. XE-45 is easy to fuse and great for hard-to-fuse fabrics such as chiffon and velvet. It can be used to completely underline fabrics for tailoring applications.

  • Made with 50% Polyamide/30% Textured Polyethylene/20%Polyester
  • 18″ by-the-yard width
  • White
  • XE45

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