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The New and Improved line of Pellon® EZ-Steam® pressure-sensitive, paper backed fusible webs is now available with a gridded backing for easy drawing and tracing.   This 100% polyamide adhesive is strong, yet pliable when fused to a wide variety of fabrics.   It will bond fabric to fabric or other porous surfaces such as cardboard, paper, batting, ribbon, patches, wood and more!

The EZ-Steam® line is a must for every sewing and craft room.  It will make appliqué quick and easy and offers a fast, no-sew solution making any fusible project a snap.  Once fused, the EZ-Steam® products can be machine washed in warm water on a gentle cycle and dried low or dry cleaned.  We do not recommend using fabric softeners when using these products.

As we have fine-tuned this line, we have updated our instructions.  Please carefully review all directions prior to use. Always test a small piece prior to use to make sure that the fusible performs well with the selected fabric.  We suggest pre-washing all fabrics prior to fusing.  Do not use fabric softener.

Recommended Directions for Use: (Directions given for EZ-Steam® II/Lite EZ-Steam® II)

1. Trace or draw design onto gridded backing.  If using a design based on the fabric’s pattern, there is no need to trace. (If using letters or numbers, make sure to trace design in reverse.)
2. Remove opposite backing of the EZ-Steam® II/Lite EZ-Steam® II.  (If necessary, score and bend backing to start the release process.)
3. Finger press sticky side to the wrong side of the appliqué fabric.*
4. Cut out design.
5. Remove gridded  backing.  (If necessary, score and bend or slightly tear paper to start the release process.)
6. Finger press appliqué onto the right side of the background fabric.  The appliqué is repositionable at this point.
7. To permanently fuse the appliqué, set iron to a Cotton setting with steam. Cover with a damp press cloth and press down firmly in place for 10-15 seconds. (If fusing to cardboard, paper or wood, use a dry press cloth and eliminate steam.)

Follow along with Vanessa Vargas Wilson of Crafty Gemini as she demonstrates how to use EZ-Steam® II and shares some great projects ideas. Love Vanessa’s style? Check out her blog and her YouTube channel.

[click on the images below for more information + free downloadable projects]

A one-sided pressure sensitive, two-sided fusible web with a paper backing.
Project ideas:

halloweencandybowl-ezfeat GetUpandGo-ezfeat

EZ-Steam® II
A two-sided pressure sensitive, two-sided fusible web with a two paper backings.
Project ideas:

keychains-ezfeat mousepadfinal-ezfeat pennant-ezfeat MonogrammedNauticalPillows-ezfeatyulelogplacecardweb-ezfeat mistletoemugrugwebsite-ezfeat SnoozeDogBed-ezfeat

Lite EZ-Steam® II
A lightweight two-sided pressure sensitive, two-sided fusible web with a two paper backings.
Project ideas:


EZ-Steam® Tapes
Two-sided pressure sensitive, two-sided fusible web tapes available in both 1/4″ and 1/2″ widths.
Project ideas:

pintsizedpillow-ezfeat2 Valentine Treat Sacks Cammypack-ezfeat

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