Quilts of Valor



Pellon® supports Quilts of Valor Foundation by offering a specific SKU of its Legacy™ batting at cost plus shipping to QOVF’s hundreds of volunteer longarmers. QOVF’s registered longarmers agree to quilt a specific number of quilts per month, donating their time and providing thread, batting, and return postage. They commit to a 30-day turnaround on the tops they quilt. Tops are made by groups and individuals across the nation. A coordinator pairs toppers and longarmers, striving to connect them in their geographical area to keep postage costs down. Toppers donate the completed top and backing. Completed quilts usually go back to the topper for binding and labeling and are then awarded to combat veterans.


Pellon® does not consider QOV a charity, but a national service foundation. The men and women who create Quilts of Valor sew heartfelt respect and gratitude into each stitch. Some quilts cover wounded soldiers as they are cared for at field hospitals. Some combat veterans receive their quilt before the long, chilly medical transport flight home. QOVs often comfort recovering soldiers in hospitals as they mend. Older veterans are awarded quilts with family or fellow veterans present. All QOVs are Thank Yous for the service and sacrifice of those touched by war.


Legacy™ by Pellon® is honored to have a small part in this ongoing effort to honor and comfort our service members and veterans. Click here to find out more about becoming a volunteer longarmer.


Click here to watch the NBC Nightly News feature on the Quilts of Valor Foundation.


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